Hearth Cuisine

Good food, good friends... good times.

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This is a small, friendly community of folks who just want to share their favourite recipes.

The emphasis is on simple, easy to prepare dishes that don't require a whole day to cook, or expensive ingredients. The topics themselves can cover anything - dinners, desserts or snacks, and you're all invited to ask questions about anything food-related.

Posted recipes will be added to the Memories section, and filed under certain keywords to make them easier to locate. If you want to share a 'family secret' recipe but don't want it to be utterly public, please make it a friends-only post, and notate that you do not wish the memory to be accessible to anyone outside the group.

Why is it called Hearth Cuisine? Because the hearth was the traditional centrepoint of the household, where everyone gathered, friends and family, to share and socialise. That's the sort of atmosphere I want here. :)